vrijdag 5 mei 2017

Happy 9 th birthday UNITY!!

Hello Unity peeps!!

9 years...that's a lot of stamps!!
Can you imagine how many stamps are cooked?
I don't it's too much.

I know one thing, I am SOOOOOOO happy with UNITY!!
More years to go and please let me stay in the DT team :) 

For this hop I made this with the  May LOL 

And this is a bunch of oldie's but with my own stamps
(still proud that I have my own stamps)

And with my favorite stamp from Donna Downey

Don't forget to leave a comment on each blog
And there is a lot going on in Unity land....so take a look in the SHOP!!

Now hop further to the next in row!!

Have a great day!!

16 opmerkingen:

LWiley zei


Elise Smith zei

Beautiful butterflies!

Dee Earnshaw zei

Love all these projects especially the butterfly tag:)

Wilma zei

love the butterfly tag...gorgeous

Mary Holshouser zei

Love the tags.
The muted colors and the simple
stamping is great.
thanks for sharing.

Dorothy Green zei

I love your tags especially the butterfly one. I also love the stamps you design!

Sue LD zei

Beautiful tags and cards.

Dale Sue zei

You SHOUlD be proud that you have your own stamp. Lovely!

Shelly zei


Niece zei

Love your style. Nice!

Denise S. zei

These are so beautiful. It is wonderful that you are artistic enough to have stamps of your designs, which are quite lovely.

Cindy zei

Gorgeous tags. Thanks for the inspiration!

Laurie T zei

Happiest of Birthdays to Unity! Love all your stamps and artists.

Valerie zei

gorgeous tags and beautiful cards! Love your work :)

Vencine Martin zei

Love the silhouette stamping. Have been meaning to try that. just beautiful!


Love all these projects especially the butterfly tag.