donderdag 4 juli 2013

Blog Hop Fourth of July!!!

Hello Unity blog hop fans,

My goodness… the year is going so fast, it’s already July…I feels like it’s been new year yesterday…

Oké, time for the fourth of July. As you might know I am an officer in the Dutch Army, being sent out for many missions, and experienced too much. I was sooo happy with these military sentiments, it touched me deeply. I know so well …. what it is to miss the one you love… what it is to be on a mission and loose one of your buddies. I know too well what it is to miss someone who is not coming home because he lost his live. That’s why we celebrate a day like the fourth of July ( In the Netherlands it’s the fifth of May).

This is what I made with the sentiments, the photo is made in Afghanistan during Operation enduring Freedom, where we closely worked together with the American military forces.

Also something else I’d like to show you. I made a layout for friends:
It’s a special one with a photo of their marriage.

Take a look at the Unity site for specials!!! What do you think of this!!

Oke, this is it for today hop further to Joslyn

And don’t forget to leave a comment on each blog and maybe you’re the lucky one that gets picked to win the $20,- gift certificate from Unity!!