zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

SMAK Saturday!!

Hello Unity Peeps,

Jolande here, from a cold and autumnly Netherland. 
How beautiful are the colors of the trees already, 
 I can look at it breathlessly.
But of course you're not here to read about 
Autumn in the Netherlands.
You are here for samples with the October SMAK.
Here they are,

I made a couple of journal pages 

to show you what you can do with this kit.

The tag is a joke for Jake, 

we designed this kit together.
 Look at the round tag and see that this is our 4th kit, made by Jo-Ja.
Just imagine that your hobby is stamping and that you get
 the chance to design your own stamps.

That's a happy feeling, I can tell you that.
After we finished this, I must have had a smile on my face 
and sparkling eyes for 3 days.
And guess what? ... the next SMAK is also from our hands...
 a few days to go and then you can see it.

I made my MAGIC!!!

You can find all the information about the SMAK here!!

Have a great weekend

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